Life Itself Is A Special Occasion

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I’m a major hoarder when it comes to craft supplies. That beautiful fabric I just had to have for a “someday project” ends up sitting in the drawer, untouched for fear of “wasting” it on a potentially unworthy idea. That brand new pack of colored pencils remains unopened for some ridiculous reason that I didn’t even bother to commit to memory.

I accumulate all these beautiful supplies that exist for the sole purpose of creating beautiful things…and I do nothing with them.

“Saving it for that special occasion that’s bound to arise someday”, I tell myself.

What’s worse: that’s what I tell my stepdaughter, an artsy little creative soul like myself.

This is a mental block I’ve identified and recently made steps to amend, thank goodness. It’s one thing to stifle my own creativity, but entirely another to stifle the creative spirit in her little burgeoning artist’s soul.

Life is no rehearsal. This is the real deal. Every day the sun rises despite our varied states of readiness. It’s time to open that brand new box of colored pencils.

Have you ever looked at something you were saving ‘for a special occasion’, and made the decision to finally put it to use?

How did it go? Did you feel catharsis, disappointment, or something else?



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