Origin of the Peach

Why name this spearheading site o’ mine after a fuzzy summer fruit?

I’ll tell you why: pregnancy. More specifically, pregnancy cravings. Something about growing a new little life inside you magnifies the importance of the simpler things in life. For me, it was peaches. For some inexplicable reason (actually quite explicable: baby), I developed tunnel vision for the local May peach festival. It was the mind’s way of directing my focus away from my oncoming first experience with childbirth. The peaches, in reality, were not important (but so, so tasty). Rather, they symbolized my need for some proof that I was in control, that I had this childbirth thing in the bag.

Symbolism is one of the many ways we give our lives and our choices meaning. It’s an excellent and often effective method to manifest your wants and needs in a fun and creative way.

Peaches happened to be the unlikely beacon by which I lived for these last few months of my pregnancy, and as such seemed fitting as the moniker for this site. Something so seemingly inconsequential, bestowed with meaning and value in order to serve a higher purpose at a crucial time in my life. Peaches may be meaningless to you, but they are now quite meaningful to me. That’s something I want to be sure to convey here on The Intentional Peach:

What you live for, the choices you make, and what you give meaning to are all highly personal things. Everyone is on their own unique journey, each complete with their own “peaches”. Respect each other’s journey.

So there you have it. The origin of the Peach. A fruity embodiment of intention that I’m happy to share here with you. Grab a slice and dig in.

Now, Join The Conversation.


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