What Do You Live For?

What do you live for?

I think it changes all the time.

Seven years ago I was living for the now, anticipating the next paycheck that I would urgently fritter away on things that meant so little and expired so quickly.

Six years ago I was living for adventure, focusing the deeds of my every day on earning the life I had imagined.

One year ago I was living for myself, making huge life-altering decisions that closely affected not only myself but those closest to me.

The past 274 days I’ve lived for the little life growing inside me, taking more careful and deliberate consideration into what I consume and how I speak, what risks I take and the choices I make.

Last weekend, I was living for peaches.

Tomorrow, I may live for the delicious seconds of relief amidst an onslaught powerful contractions, bringing a new little life into being. A new little life who will go on to live for many things along her own journey.

Everyone lives for something. But do you know what that something is or the value it holds for you?

It has only been in my adult years that I’ve intentionally lived for something or someone. And adding intent has made a profound difference to my quality of life. I’ve found happiness and contentment among chaos and strife, and I owe it to this one simple change. Knowing why I was making the choices I did, allowed me to fully accept the consequences that came with those choices. Taking the time to premeditate my life decisions helped me to discover who I am and make choices that are consistently in-tune with what I live for.

Do you make intent a part of your every day?

Maybe not yet.

That’s why I’ve created The Intentional Peach.

Aside from the occasional exception, maybe you’ve fallen into a seemingly endless dance with the alternative: autopilot.
Intent has everything to do with choice. And if you feel that you have no freedom of choice, no options from which to choose a path, autopilot kicks in.

Autopilot chokes the passion out of your every moment. But the reality is that freedom of choice is something everyone possesses, whether or not you acknowledge it.

Perhaps you hate your job. Do you have to stay at it, continue punching that clock? No, the reality is that you don’t have to continue attending that job you despise. You don’t. Bills will still need paying, mouths will still need feeding, this is all true. These things will take a hit if you simply decide to stop showing up for your job. But…it is a choice, every day, for you to attend that job or not.

Now that you’re aware of a choice that you’ve been given every single day… add in some intent. Make the choice deliberately. The most likely choice you’d make tomorrow is…yes, to go to work at that job you don’t necessarily enjoy. But take the time to appreciate the difference. When you take that moment tomorrow morning to choose to attend your job, you’re likely to remind yourself why it is you’re making that choice. Be it to pay the bills, feed the children, or otherwise. Reminding yourself why you’re choosing to do something you don’t enjoy, may make the deed easier. Tending to responsibilities is a noble and worthwhile thing, and calling your attention back to this on a regular basis will take some of the bitterness out of your step as you head out the door.

Maybe you will make the choice you didn’t think you could, and quit that job. Maybe…you will choose to go to work, and spruce up your resume on your lunch break. Similar intent, albeit a more responsible approach. You may even take a smaller step and venture out to somewhere new on your lunch break just for a change of scenery. This is good, too! Any step in the progressive direction is worthwhile.

Don’t like where you live? Acknowledge and foster the intent to move. Let your intent bloom in your subconscious and drive your other decisions in the same direction. Suddenly, you may find yourself happily turning down an expensive lunch outing in favor of saving toward a moving van and spending your afternoon researching the cost of living in the next state over. Choices don’t have to be drastic (unless you want them to be!).

We can exist without much effort beyond maintaining our basic needs for survival. But that’s boring. That’s boring and what I consider a waste of our precious existence in which there are no do-overs. I plan to give meaning to my life, from the biggest decisions down to the seemingly inconsequential. And I would like to share my methods with you. Let’s take our existence a step further, together, and live an intentional life.

Who’s with me?

Tell us what you live for in the form below and your submission may be featured in our weekly “What Do You Live For?” spotlight segment (with your permission of course!):

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Then, discover the Origin of the Peach.


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